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Appinvoice - Cloud Invoicing for small businesses

Appinvoice is a cloud based invoicing app, wherever you need to create an invoice or estimate, from your computer, smartphone or tablet, Appinvoice can do it. You can create invoices and estimates, manage products and customers together with your colleagues. Appinvoice is invoicing to go.

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Manage your invoices

  • Create, edit, cancel or delete invoices
  • Create PDF's
  • Print your invoices directly from your smartphone o tablet
  • Write comments
  • Send directly by email, messenger or whatsapp
  • Receive notifications when you've been paid
  • Check invoice status (paid, pending, cancelled, partial paid)
  • Record payments
  • Send invoice reminders and payment receipts

Manage your estimates

  • Create, edit, cancel or delete estimates
  • Create PDF's
  • Print your estimates directly from your smartphone o tablet
  • Write comments
  • Send directly by email, messenger or whatsapp
  • Convert your estimates into invoices with just one click

Manage and track your expenses

Keep track of your expenses. Track your expenses and attach the original invoice as image.

Add customers and products

Add your customers and products to create your invoices easier and faster.

Create reports

Create reports for invoices, estimates, expenses and payments

Manage your users

  • Add, edit, delete
  • Give permissions for each sector
  • Control what each user does
  • Send messages
  • Block or activate
  • Set administrators

A short overview

  • Invoicing from your phone, tablet or computer, alone or with colleagues
  • Upload your logo for invoices and estimates
  • Share across all apps that can do it (Email, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.)
  • Simple and quick overview of your invoices, cost estimates and expenses
  • Send a copy of your invoices or estimates to your company email address
  • Multi tax types (BTW, CBL, CGST, DKV, DPH, GST, IGIC, IGST, IRPF, IVA, moms, MVA, MwSt, PTU, SGST, TAX, TVA, VAT)
  • Convert estimates into invoices with just one click
  • Discount per customer or article and flexible pricing
  • Complete payment functionality including advance and partial payments and credit notes
  • Send documents or record payments on invoices
  • Direct charges by Credit card or Paypal
  • Print the invoice from your PC, Mac or phone
  • Create reports
  • Print customer's card with invoice and estimate history
  • All your invoice data is backed up and stored securely in the cloud
  • Work wherever you are, on any computer, any time
  • Currency converter
  • and many more ...

Safely stored

With Appinvoice, your data are securely stored and automatically backed up. If your phone gets lost, stolen or broken, everything is available after installing our App again. Many invoice apps only store your data on your mobile phone. If you lose your phone, you also lose all your invoices or estimates. With Appinvoice you don't take this risk.

Ready to go?

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