Add a new customer

To add a new customer, open the menu and click on Customers. A list of all saved customers will open. At the bottom you will see a small round button with a plus sign. Click on it to add a new customer.

Add Customer Steps


Now that you have clicked the button, you can enter the data of the customer:

Basic data

Customer number: Is the number to identify the customer. You can leave this field empty if you want that this number will be generated automatically.

First name: the first name of the customer

Last name: the last name of the customer

Business data

Business name: the name of the business, if any

Business tax identification: the sales tax identification number

Business identification: tax identification number

Contact details

Landline: the landline number of the customer

Mobile: the mobile phone number

Whatsapp: Whatsapp number of the customer. Useful if invoices or estimates want to be send by Whatsapp.

Email: Email address of the customer

Website: the customer's website if available

With Appinvoice it is possible to transfer the customers into the contacts of the mobile phone. Therefore it makes sense to enter at least one phone number.


ZIP: the postal code of the billing address

City: City of billing address

Address: Street and number of billing address

Address additional: if there are additional information for the address

County: Region or state of billing address

Country: the country of the billing address

All information filled in will be shown later in the invoice header, on the invoices of the respective customer.