What is Appinvoice?

Appinvoice is an online, real-time invoicing and business management tool for freelancers and small businesses.

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Wherever you are, at home, at the office, on the street, at the hotel, at the airport. With Appinvoice you will manage your invoices, estimates, expenses and time in a simple, fast, effective and efficient way.

You will have access from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to all the information and you will know what is happening at every moment in your business.

Issuing of invoices, accompanied by excellent collection management. Preparation of budgets with monitoring of their status, for better planning in the short, medium or long term. Exhaustive control of daily expenses. Recording and control of the hours worked by the different users in a visual and intuitive way.

A multidisciplinary team of people who have put our knowledge and experience in the world of business, invoicing and technology to create the invoice management solution we always wanted to have in our companies from scratch.