Is it possible to change the subdomain of my business in Appinvoice?

Your subdomain in Appinvoice is automatically generated with your company name as indicated in the registration form, plus a random four-digit code that gives extra security to your account and prevents duplicate subdomains.

Change subdomain

It is still possible to change your company's subdomain, as long as it is not occupied by another company.

There are two ways to request a change:

1. Contacting our support team at You must send us an email with the subject "Subdomain change". In the body of the email you must indicate your data and the new name you want. Our team will check and, if possible, make the change and contact you when it has taken place.

2. Once you have validated your username and password, in the upper menu bar you will find the option "My account", when you click on it you will enter the information related to your account. In the block "More information about your account" you will see the button "Support and info center", when you click it will open the Support and Help Center. In the block "Contact our support if you need help" select the option "Other", fill in the fields "Your name", "Your email", in "Your message" write the changes you want and send the form.