Business preferences

In Business Preferences, you can provide all the information you need about your business. This information will automatically be included in your invoices.

Business preferences


Name and tax information of your business

Name: The name of your business

VAT Number: The value added tax identification number (VAT) of your business

Tax Number: Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Business contact

Contact information for your business

Landline number: The landline number of your business

Mobile Number: The mobile number of your business or contact person

Whatsapp: Separate Whatsapp number of your business

Fax: The fax number of your business

Email: The email of your business

Website: The website of your business

Business address

ZIP Code: Zip code

City: City where your business is located

Address: Street and number

Address add: Additional address/street line

County: County

Country: Country where your business is located

Business logo

The business logo is used on all documents (invoices, cost estimates, receipts, etc.).

To upload your company/business logo, click on the field Business Logo "Click or drop your image here" to bring up the image upload dialog. If you've already uploaded an image, you can edit it with a click on the edit icon. You can also remove a previously uploaded logo image with the trashcan icon, which will appear here if you have an image uploaded. In the image upload dialog choose your image file or drag it directly onto the logo box if you prefer. You can upload any standard image file (JPG, PNG), but your logo will likely look the best if it has a transparent background.