The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you sign in to your Appinvoice account. The dashboard gives you a clear picture of your company's bill, how much you spend, what bills are open or paid, and more details.



Invoices: Shows the invoice overview.

Clients: Shows the customers overview.

Products: Shows the products overview.

Cost estimates: Shows all cost estimates.

New invoice: Create a new invoice.

Laufender Monat

Dashboard current month

Incomes: The current income of the current month. Listed by currency.

Outstanding: Outstanding in the current month. Listed by currency.

Expenses: The current expenses of the current month. Listed by currency.

Invoices: All invoices created this month and listed by currency.

Last 12 month

Dashboard last 12 month

Statistics of all generated invoices of the last 12 months with filter option

All: Shows all invoices.

Paid: Shows all paid invoices.

Paid partial: Shows all partially paid invoices.

Pending: Shows all pending invoices.

Cancelled: Shows all cancelled invoices.


Shows all invoices that have the current date as the reminder date.